Why Your Compliance Programme Isn’t Engaging Employees & How to Fix It

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EQS and Ethintegrity share some great tips that will help you to build an ethical culture in your company.

Engaging employees on compliance topics is challenging. This is particularly true when the compliance department is seen as out of touch, irrelevant, ‘the police’, cumbersome and not adding value. On Thursday 13th February 2020 the Managing Director of the EQS London office, Viviane Joynes, hosted a webinar entitled ‘Why your Compliance Programme isn’t engaging employees and how to fix it’. She was joined by Nichole Pitts, CEO and Founder of Ethintegrity and Moritz Homann, EQS Managing Director for Compliance Services, who both shared their insights and expertise. Below summarises the content of the webinar including how to reimagine compliance in your organisation to build greater engagement and be seen to enhance your organisation’s performance, reputation, value – and commercial success.

Why International Companies Are Integrating the ECCP Into Their Compliance Programs

By Nicole Di Schino, Anti-Corruption Report

Companies around the world have responded promptly to the DOJ’s recent announcement that it updated its Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs guidance. Even those companies that are not subject to U.S. jurisdiction are paying attention and many have begun to revamp their existing programs. The Anti-Corruption Report spoke with practitioners in a variety of non-U.S. jurisdictions who reported that their clients are interested in, and already implementing, the DOJ’s latest suggestions.