At Ethintegrity, our five core offerings are:

Ethics & Compliance Program Assessment and Evaluation

Ethics & Compliance Program Development and Implementation

1:1 Coaching & Advisory Services

& Branding

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Ethics & Compliance Program
Assessment and Evaluation

Continuous improvement is part of an effective compliance risk management system. As businesses grow and change to react to the market, compliance programs should be evaluated regularly to ensure that the program is still “fit for purpose” and seen as a competitive advantage, not solely as a cost center. A comprehensive program assessment will help you ensure that your program accurately identifies and mitigates risk while optimizing the tools and policies. The program assessment can include:

  • In-depth review of the industry, company policies, tools, systems, etc.
  • Interviews with leadership, compliance staff, and company staff across departments and regions
  • Review of training materials and feedback

Program reviews are evaluated against the guidance recommended by various government entities as well as industry best practices. The report will contain an in-depth assessment of what is working and recommendations to strengthen your program, as well as a high-level Executive Summary Snapshot for you to share with your Board of Directors and Executive Management.


Ethics & Compliance Program
Development and Implementation

Good business practice is dependent upon a healthy & sustainable compliance program. Ethintegrity can help you develop a program that can accurately identify risks based upon business practices and implement mitigation measures to minimize those risks. Creating a compliance program from scratch can be a daunting & overwhelming task.  However, with the right people advising on best practices, you can ensure you use your time and resources effectively to develop a “best in class” program for your organization.

Ethintegrity provides the following to help you with program development:

  • Business Risk Assessments
  • Program Implementation – to ensure that your program meets the recommended guidance by applicable government entities and industry best practices
  • Policy development (i.e., drafting of a Code of Conduct and subject matter specific policies)
  • Compliance toolkits
  • Compliance Champion / Ethical Ambassador program development
  • Compliance & Ethics training modules
  • Compliance Department branding & communications
coaching session

1:1 Coaching & Advisory Services

In my transformative coaching program, I guide executives & professionals toward their highest potential with transparent and authentic conversations, goal setting, and accountability with regards to DEI and Ethics & Compliance.
During our weekly 1:1 private online session, we will spend 60 minutes working together to discover and clarify your goals, uncover and articulate your current challenges, then develop a strategy to address them creatively and effectively. You will leave our sessions with several ideas and actionable steps on what to do next.
This change-making program:
  • Offers personalized attention with private 1:1 sessions
  • Provides a safe space to make mistakes, ask difficult questions, and hone your leadership capabilities
  • Fosters personal growth around vulnerability and authenticity
  • Builds cultural competence and intentional allyship
  • Provides ongoing, real-time support to help you navigate the growth process
  • Empowers you to develop innovative tools to drive awareness and create a sustainable cultural transformation
  • Develops skills to create a measurable impact in your DEI or Ethics & Compliance program
  • Positions you to execute DEI or Ethics & Compliance plans effectively
Are you ready to engage in courageous conversations and discover how to take your skills and program to the next level? If so, then check out my 1:1 Coaching packages to find out more!
Communication and branding

Communication & Branding

Identity & Branding and a creative Communication Plan are the key components to effectively driving your program’s awareness. Utilizing innovative “campaigns” to introduce diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI), and ethics-related topics will make your program easily identifiable.

Communication Plans increase engagement, awareness & understanding of your department and program and provide a strategic roadmap for your department & senior leadership. It also allows you to be proactive vs. reactive in messaging about essential topics and reduces “learning fatigue.”

Ethintegrity can help you develop a Communications Plan that will include various innovative tools that will effectively and creatively share your message to maximize impact and retention. Ready to start communicating in a dynamic way? Check out my Communication Plan package for more information.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The world we live in is a melting pot of social identities. Ideally, we want our workplace to be reflective of the demographics of our society. To achieve this, you need to challenge people to unlearn certain beliefs & assumptions in order to have a more equitable culture. Diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) requires bravery, humility, dedication, and an open mind. The ultimate goal of DEI is to create equity and a sense of belonging in your organization.

We can help you find ways to create spaces and opportunities in your organization that allow people to communicate more effectively with one another, identify & address individual & systemic biases, and start building bridges across the gaps in differences. Ethintegrity provides the following to help you with DEI:

  • Culture Assessments
  • Measuring Program Impact & KPIs
  • Employee Resource Group (ERG) Framework Development & Implementation
  • Customized Training & Workshops for leadership and your global workforce. Topics include Inclusive Leadership; Culture Humility & Constructive Discomfort; Understanding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Intersectionality; Unconscious Bias; Allyship; Developing Emotional Resilience, etc.
  • DEI Strategic Plans and toolkit
  • DEI Audits & Assessments

There is a lot we can all learn in the world of DEI, and the investment is worth it. Ensuring a diverse and inclusive organization improves your employees’ happiness and retention and contributes to your company’s overall bottom line—diversity & inclusion work. And we can make it work for you.