Nichole Pitts

Public Speaking

Nichole is a regular panelist and speaker at ethics & compliance conferences as well as leadership events hosted in the US, UK and throughout Europe. Some of the recent topics presented include “Creative Approaches to Compliance Messaging”, “Training and Communication Innovations That Drive Culture”, “Redefining Yourself: Turning Challenges into Opportunities”, and “Third Parties: Assessing and Monitoring Risks with Global Relationships”.

Nichole in Action

Speaking Engagements

  • Halycon’s Global Anti-Corruption, Compliance & Ethics Summit (Lisbon, Portugal): Speaker – Reducing Risks in Joint Ventures
  • Ethisphere Ethics Forum (Paris, France): Panelist – Corporate Governance – Fueling the Boardroom Discussions with Company Integrity
  • Ethisphere Ethics Forum (London, UK): Panelist – Third Parties: Assessing and Monitoring Risks with Global Relationships
  • Ethisphere Global Ethics Summit (New York City, NY): Panelist – Training and Communication Innovations That Drive Culture
  • C5’s Women in Compliance Conference (London, UK): Panelist – Creating and Improving Compliance Training That Innovates and Engages the Audience
  • Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics (SCCE) European Compliance & Ethics Institute (Frankfurt, Germany): Panelist – Building a Global Compliance Training Program in 2018 – Innovation & Strategy
  • The Anti-Corruption Report (webinar): Panelist – Creative Approaches to Compliance Messaging
  • International Bar Association (IBA), supported by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD): 16th Annual Anti-Corruption Conference (Paris, France): Panelist – Navigating the Data Protection Labyrinth: Due Diligence, Cross-Border Investigations, Internal Reporting Mechanisms & Investigations in the Era of GDPR
  • C5’s International Conference on Anti-Corruption (London, UK): Panelist – Structuring a Transparent Third Party Management Programme to Monitor and Audit Ongoing Risks about the Type of Third Party, Contract Performance and Payment
  • Evnoia Group’s Women’s Leadership Summit (Amsterdam, the Netherlands): Chairperson & Speaker – Redefining Yourself: Turning Challenges into Opportunities
  • BERRY Professional’s 2nd Annual Global Compliance, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Summit (Munich, Germany): Speaker – Developing an Innovative & Effective Compliance Program that Creates a Competitive Advantage for your Company
  • Play Strategy’s Empowering Diversity through the power of Play conference (Brussels, Belgium): Keynote Speaker – Using LSP to Solve Ethical Dilemmas
  • Philip Kingsley (London, UK)): Speaker — “Lunch & Learn: Understanding Unconscious Bias”
  • SCCE 7th Annual European Compliance & Ethics Institute (Berlin, Germany): Speaker – Solving Compliance Problems with LEGO® bricks
  • Convercent’s CONVERGE 2019 (Brussels, Belgium & Denver, CO): Speaker – Effectively Increasing Employee Engagement from ‘Shop Floor’ to ‘Top Floor’ through Play
  • LEAD360’s Leadership COMBINE (Atlanta, GA): Speaker – Managing Challenges: Tools for Developing Emotional Resilience
  • EQS Group’s European Compliance & Ethics Conference 2020 (virtual): Speaker – Creating an Effective Communications Plan
  • EQS Group (virtual): Panelist – Why Your Compliance Programme Isn’t Engaging Employees & How to Fix It
  • The AllBright Academy (London, UK): Speaker – Developing Effective Emotional Resilience in the Workplace
  • AllBright Mayfair (London, UK): Speaker — “How to Constructively Respond to Bias & Microaggressions”

“Nichole’s workshops are engaging, fun and full of content. Her experience shines through and she is a real leader in this field. We can’t wait to have another session with her.”

Jessica SturkeyFinance Director - Philip Kingsley

"It is clear that Nichole is an expert and thought leader in the Diversity, Inclusion & Ethics space. She absolutely radiates knowledge in this area, has a genuine passion for the subject matter and is on a mission to empower conscious social change.

Having attended a workshop hosted by Nichole at the Allbright Club, what really struck me was her knack of taking complex and what can be uncomfortable subject matter and making it tangible so that she can constructively challenge belief systems and offer a new, more productive and inclusive way of thinking and being. The use of "Lego Play" is also genius in opening and shifting the narrative and providing an excellent tool for participants to feel empowered discussing scenarios or themselves, which they might otherwise feel uncomfortable doing so. As a speaker, Nichole's style is engaging and inspirational. You immediately want to listen to what she has to say and come along with her on her journey. I took a moment to scan the sold out room and every single person was totally entranced on Nichole, nodding in agreement absorbing what she had to say. It was a joy to witness.

Nichole's gift lies in her ability to lead, teach, motivate and inspire. What you get when you work with Nichole is not only her expertise but her in her authentic truth, being and actioning the change that she wants to see in the world.

I highly recommend Nichole if you are looking for a speaker or an expert who can creatively problem solve in your organisation to boost awareness and deliver sustainable D&I or compliance programmes."

Gina UnterhalterLeadership & Business Coach, Founder of Empowered Coaching Limited