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Hi! I’m Nichole, your go-to thought leader for all things Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI), and Ethics & Compliance.
Renowned for my sharp wit and dynamic presentation style, I captivate audiences around the world, from the bustling conference halls of North America to the sophisticated venues of Europe, and vibrant spaces across Asia and beyond. Elevate the energy at your next event with my celebrated, energizing delivery that not only educates but also entertains, empowers, and provides actionable solutions to crucial challenges.
I bring a vibrant flair to discussions that are too important to remain dull. I deliver transformative content globally that turns key obstacles into opportunities for innovation and progress. Join me in sparking change and inspiring action on a worldwide scale.

Nichole in Action

Why Settle for Less When You Can Engage the Best?

Nichole is standing and dressed in all black while speaking into a microphone and looking off camera.
As a favorite panelist and keynote at numerous leadership events, my sessions are anything but standard. I will be your secret weapon in transforming mundane meetings into marathons of insight and inspiration.
With a knack for shaking up the status quo, I bring a zestful approach to conferences around the globe, proving time and again that ethics and DEI can be as exhilarating as they are essential.

My Speaker Superpowers:

  • Wit that Works: My humor cuts through complexity, making the difficult digestible.
  • Dynamic Delivery: Energy that keeps the audience alert and engaged.
  • Custom Curations: Tailored talks to target your team’s needs.

Why Should You Choose Me?

  • Global Expertise: My influence spans continents, offering versatile insights for international events.
  • Engaging and Empowering: Each presentation ensures participants leave with practical takeaways and renewed motivation.

Explore My Speaker Services

Keynote Speeches:

Compelling, thought-provoking sessions tailored to inspire change and deepen understanding of inclusivity and ethics. Not just talks, but tickets to transformation.

Workshops & Seminars:

Interactive sessions designed to enhance your DEI strategies and ethical compliance. Where interaction sparks innovation. For more information, click here.

Virtual Events:

Connect with diverse audiences globally, making insights accessible everywhere. Connecting continents, cultures, and communities with every call.

Catch the Highlights:

  • “Creative Approaches to Compliance Messaging”: Who said compliance has to be boring?
  • “How to Constructively Respond to Bias & Microaggressions”: Transform discomfort into the starting point of dialogue.
  • “Training and Communication Innovations That Drive Culture”: Stir the pot, shake the foundation, and revolutionize your corporate culture.
  • “Embed DEI and Ethics into Your Brand Identity”: Seamlessly integrate core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion into the very fabric of your business’s brand.

Dive into Nichole’s Notable Topics:

  • Innovate Ethics and/or DEI: Revamp your strategy with cutting-edge ideas. Go beyond checkboxes—forge genuine, groundbreaking strategies.
  • Inclusive Messaging: Craft words that don’t just speak, but resonate.
  • Storytelling Meets Compliance: Because the best rules are those wrapped in a story.
  • Challenge to Opportunity: Flip workplace challenges on their head. See obstacles? I see springboards.
  • Bias Response Makeover: Respond to bias and microaggressions with tact and impact.

Previous Speaking Engagements

  • Halycon’s Global Anti-Corruption, Compliance & Ethics Summit (Lisbon, Portugal): Speaker – Reducing Risks in Joint Ventures
  • Ethisphere Ethics Forum (Paris, France): Panelist – Corporate Governance – Fueling the Boardroom Discussions with Company Integrity
  • Ethisphere Ethics Forum (London, UK): Panelist – Third Parties: Assessing and Monitoring Risks with Global Relationships
  • Ethisphere Global Ethics Summit (New York City, NY): Panelist – Training and Communication Innovations That Drive Culture
  • C5’s Women in Compliance Conference (London, UK): Panelist – Creating and Improving Compliance Training That Innovates and Engages the Audience
  • Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics (SCCE) European Compliance & Ethics Institute (Frankfurt, Germany): Panelist – Building a Global Compliance Training Program in 2018 – Innovation & Strategy
  • The Anti-Corruption Report (webinar): Panelist – Creative Approaches to Compliance Messaging
  • International Bar Association (IBA), supported by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD): 16th Annual Anti-Corruption Conference (Paris, France): Panelist – Navigating the Data Protection Labyrinth: Due Diligence, Cross-Border Investigations, Internal Reporting Mechanisms & Investigations in the Era of GDPR
  • C5’s International Conference on Anti-Corruption (London, UK): Panelist – Structuring a Transparent Third Party Management Programme to Monitor and Audit Ongoing Risks about the Type of Third Party, Contract Performance and Payment
  • Evnoia Group’s Women’s Leadership Summit (Amsterdam, the Netherlands): Chairperson & Speaker – Redefining Yourself: Turning Challenges into Opportunities
  • BERRY Professional’s 2nd Annual Global Compliance, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Summit (Munich, Germany): Speaker – Developing an Innovative & Effective Compliance Program that Creates a Competitive Advantage for your Company
  • Power Moves Summit (webinar): Speaker — “How Small Businesses Can Use DEI to Effectively Engage Their Ideal Client”
  • SCCE 7th Annual European Compliance & Ethics Institute (Berlin, Germany): Speaker – Solving Compliance Problems with LEGO® bricks
  • Convercent’s CONVERGE 2019 (Brussels, Belgium & Denver, CO): Speaker – Effectively Increasing Employee Engagement from ‘Shop Floor’ to ‘Top Floor’ through Play
  • LEAD360’s Leadership COMBINE (Atlanta, GA): Speaker – Managing Challenges: Tools for Developing Emotional Resilience
  • EQS Group’s European Compliance & Ethics Conference 2020 (virtual): Speaker – Creating an Effective Communications Plan
  • EQS Group (virtual): Panelist – Why Your Compliance Programme Isn’t Engaging Employees & How to Fix It
  • The AllBright Academy (London, UK): Speaker – Developing Effective Emotional Resilience in the Workplace
  • AllBright Mayfair (London, UK): Speaker — “How to Constructively Respond to Bias & Microaggressions”
  • Philip Kingsley (London, UK): Speaker — “Lunch & Learn: Understanding Unconscious Bias”
  • SCCE’s 21st Annual CEI (Phoenix, AZ): Speaker — “Leveraging Best Practices in Ethics & Compliance and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion To Implement an Effective and Robust ESG Strategy” and “How to Use Branding & Storytelling to Create an Engaging and Inclusive Compliance Program”
  • WIN Summit 2023 ‘The Future is Female’ (virtual): Speaker — “Negotiating Through Recessions”
  • Play Strategy’s Empowering Diversity through the Power of Play conference (Brussels, Belgium): Keynote Speaker – Using LSP to Solve Ethical Dilemmas
  • SCCE New York Regional Compliance Conference (virtual): Speaker – How Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Can Affect and Empower your Compliance Program
  • Jindal Global Business School, O P Jindal University (virtual – Haryana, India): Guest Speaker – “Business Ethics in Action” (Fall 2021 semester); “Becoming Conscious ChangeMakers” (Spring 2022 semester)
  • SCCE (webinar): Speaker — “How DEI, Ethics & Compliance Help Increase Brand Value”

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