An innovative, results-driven approach to Diversity, Ethics & Compliance built on integrity and trust

What does Ethintegrity offer?

Ethics + Integrity = Ethintegrity!

Ethintegrity is a boutique consulting firm focusing on a culture-based approach to diversity, inclusion, ethics and compliance. We use innovative techniques to help organizations drive awareness and implement sustainable programs, which results in a diverse and ethical culture being embedded into the organization’s DNA.

We offer

  • 1. a complete 360 review, assessment & evaluation of current programs and/or culture;

  • 2. bespoke development & implementation of sustainable compliance and diversity & inclusion programs based on the unique needs of the organization;

  • 3. training of the board of directors, leadership, and global workforce; and

  • 4. tailored workshops to facilitate discussions of complex issues affecting the team or organization.

Each service is customized based on in-depth consultation with the organization to ensure results that meet and exceed the agreed-upon objectives.


Ethics & Compliance Program Assessment and Evaluation

Ethics & Compliance Program Development and Implementation


& Branding


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Vision and Values

At Ethintegrity, our mission is to assist organizations in cultivating the highest ethical standard by providing an innovative and culture-based approach to diversity and ethics built on integrity, respect and trust.

About Nichole

Nichole Pitts

Nichole Pitts

Founder and CEO

Tel: +44 20 8037 2283

Nichole (she/her/hers) has had a long-standing career as a senior leader and former vice-president of ethics and compliance for an international business and experience successfully navigating a company through a 3-year Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA).

An innovative, results-driven thought leader with over 20 years’ business experience, Nichole focuses on helping companies achieve a competitive advantage through building a strong, culture-based ethical program.

Public Speaking

Nichole is a regular panelist and speaker at ethics & compliance conferences and leadership events hosted in the US, UK, and throughout Europe. She provides insights on topics related to ethics & compliance, diversity & inclusion, and empowerment.

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