The Ethintegrity Podcast Premieres Tuesday, Sept. 6th!

Hi, I’m Nichole, Founder & CEO of Ethintegrity and your host. I am passionate about disrupting the status quo by providing a safe space to have big, brave, and bold conversations. Together, we will challenge beliefs and behaviors, open hearts and minds, and empower people to use their voices courageously. This is a platform for humility, learning, and continuous growth to be the best humans we can be in a world challenged by an ever-changing, culturally acceptable landscape. Vulnerability and transparency are encouraged and supported here. This podcast will weave together ethics, DEI, and life experience as we discuss current challenges, lessons learned, opportunities for growth, and advice we wish we had in the past but apply to the future. So, let’s be brave and vulnerable and figure it out together. Meet me here, every week, on The Ethintegrity Podcast.