Episode 108: The Perfect Harmony: Music & DEI with Shani Gonzales

S1, Ep 8: The Perfect Harmony: Music & DEI with Shani Gonzales

Thank you for joining me for Episode 8. In this supersized episode, my guest and I discuss how diversity, equity & inclusion infuses, affects, relates to the world of music. My guest today is the phenomenal Shani Gonzales.

In this episode, Shani talks with us about:

  1. Growing up first generation American and navigating 3 cultures (Jamaican, Trinidadian, and American);
  2. Her career journey in A&R and as the new MD of Warner Chappell;
  3. The differences in music culture between the US, the UK, and Europe;
  4. Key DEI challenges in the music industry; and
  5. Current trends (i.e., AI, the impact of streaming, etc.)

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Shani Gonzales’s bio.
Shani is the Managing Director of Warner Chappell UK & Head of International A&R. She got her start in the industry at BMI, a leading music rights management company.  Shani then joined Warner Chappell’s A&R team in 2004, going on to work for Epic Records and Def Jam, before becoming Co-Head of A&R for the UK and U.S. at BMG.  She returned to Warner Chappell in 2019 to take on the new role of Head of International, EVP of U.S., A&R, and was promoted to MD of the UK company in 2020.

A seasoned music executive, Shani has spent her career signing and developing many of today’s leading artists, songwriters, and producers, including Bibi Bourelly (Camilla Cabello, Rihanna, Selena Gomez) Claude Kelly (Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars), DJ Khaled, JUICEWORLD, Travis Scott, Justin Bieber & Labrinth.

Website: https://warnerchappell.com
Instagram: @Shani927 @warnerchappelluk