Research, Branding Are Key to Inclusive Compliance Programs: Expert

Published in COSMOS Magazine: Navigate the Compliance Universe


Branding and storytelling can help create an inclusive, engaging compliance program that emphasizes core values and inclusivity—particularly if they’re paired with market research that accounts for views from throughout the organization, according to a diversity, ethics and compliance strategist.

“Embrace branding to increase visibility and cut through the noise,” advised Nichole Pitts, founder and CEO of Ethintegrity, and a former vice president of ethics and compliance.

It’s possible to “use [branding] for great storytelling, and to do it in an innovative and inclusive way, utilizing different departments and modalities to ensure that there’s synergy across your organization, and then having that go into your clear policies and then looking at ways that you can measure the success of your program,” she said at a Dec. 6 webinar sponsored by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics.

Branding is defined as “delivering an intentional experience to make your audience feel something and have them choose you as their top choice,” Pitts said. Branding a compliance program can increase department and program recognition, creates consistency in messaging, increases employee engagement and helps to develop credibility, she said.


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Episode 4: How to Use Storytelling & Branding to Create an Engaging Compliance Program with Nichole Pitts

Season 1, Episode 4: How to Use Storytelling & Branding to Create an Engaging Compliance Program

Thank you for joining me for Episode 4. This will be a solosode where I’m pulling together key points and concepts from the first three episodes to discuss how you can use branding and storytelling to create an inclusive and engaging compliance program. 

I’ll be providing tips on:

  1. How to cut through the noise & get your workforce to want to engage with your program
  2. How to leverage Hilary Hartling’s MAGIC Formula (which is based on key things that Disney has done right to protect & expand its brand) to create your own compliance brand
  3. Brand deposits vs. brand withdrawals

About Nichole Pitts:
From global film companies & major music labels to intergovernmental organizations and some of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest-Growing Companies in America, Nichole Pitts, CEO & Founder of Ethintegrity and Host of The Ethintegrity Podcast with Nichole Pitts: A Safe Space for Brave Conversationshas helped countless organizations gain accelerated success through the world of  DEI and Ethics & Compliance. With more than 15 years of Ethics & Compliance and DEI  experience, serving most recently as a VP of Compliance & Ethics of a high 8-figure industry  disruptor, Pitts has been recognized as one of Ethisphere’s Attorneys Who Matter and  shortlisted as Chief Compliance Officer of the Year – Large Company. Nichole is a citizen of the world, having lived in Paris, London, Atlanta, and Washington, DC. 

A featured expert and speaker for EQS Group, AllBright, Convercent by One Trust, the Society of  Corporate Compliance & Ethics (SCCE), Ethisphere, Lead360, the International Bar Association,  and Jindal Global Business School, Nichole’s expertise has also been featured in the Anti Corruption Report Ethisphere Magazine, the EQS Group blog, Interactive Compliance Training blog, the Compliance Podcast Network, and on virtual and live event stages alike. 

In 2018, Nichole founded Ethintegrity to establish an innovative and inspiring brand that empowers professionals and organizations to exponentially expand their awareness and impact to create more diverse & ethical workplaces. Influenced heavily by creativity and living abroad, Nichole is passionate about helping organizations and professionals create workplace environments that embrace and promote ethical behavior and embed diversity, equity, inclusion  & belonging into their cultural DNA. 

Nichole holds a BA in both History and African American Studies from Indiana University – Bloomington and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Indiana University’s Mauer School of Law, where she served as president of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA). 

Instagram: @Ethintegrity


Episode 103: The MAGIC of Inclusive Branding with Hilary Hartling

Season 1, Episode 3: The MAGIC of Inclusive Branding with Hilary Hartling

Thank you for joining me for Episode 3, where we discuss how to use branding in an authentic & inclusive way. In this episode, Hilary talks with us about:

  1. The importance of developing synergistic relationships
  2. How to leverage her MAGIC Formula (which is based on key things that Disney has done right to protect & expand its brand)
  3. Brand deposits vs. brand withdrawals
  4. How to ensure your branding is inclusive and not exclusive

About Hilary Hartling:
Hilary Hartling is a Brand & Messaging Strategist drawing from 15+ years of experience leading visionary integrated marketing and synergy initiatives for film releases from global entertainment brands: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Touchstone, and Dreamworks. After helping launch and grow multi-million and billion dollar franchises for The Walt Disney Company (Toy Story, Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Frozen, and more) and experiencing industry success with 70 #1 opening weekend box office wins, Hilary has leveraged her Fortune 50 experience to establish a brand consultancy and online education platform helping entrepreneurs create captivating brands that resonate.

A featured expert, speaker, and consultant for American Film Institute, HGTV, Allbright, Goldman Sachs, and WICT (Women In Cable Television), Hilary’s expertise has also been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Belong Magazine, Medium, and The Ambitious Introvert Podcast, and on virtual and live event stages alike with Boss Project Summit, Build Your Brand Conference, and Follower 2 Fan Society’s Event.

They were influenced heavily by the creativity and storytelling genius she experienced at Disney. Hilary’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs create a cinematic-level brand that immerses their audience in the story and value of what they offer, resulting in winning the hearts and business of their ideal clients.

Instagram: @HilaryHartling
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