The ‘Aha Moment’ That Moved the Needle for 36 Business Women

Published in Nasdaq


Her aha moment: When I started my consulting firm, I researched what other consultants in my industry were doing and tried to model myself after them to “fit in.” Initially, I took a “lift and shift” approach by working from my prior corporate compliance background instead of challenging the status quo and asking if the current methods were delivering sustainable results. As I leaned into my unique value proposition and took a creative approach to solving complex client issues, I became more confident and began to thrive. I then sat down to refresh my brand to focus on delivering services I love authentically. My “aha moment” was when I realized that introducing novel and innovative ways to tackle complex problems was a competitive advantage. It was okay to stand alone because, finally, my company felt tailored to fit me, and I embraced “standing out.”

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