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It’s easy to think that when you’re doing what you love, you’ll never be burned out, but the opposite is often true. Burnout is a common reality among the most creative and ambitious, and sometimes it can be hard to even notice the burnout symptoms.

If it feels like you’re currently teetering on the edge of burnout, that alone is a sign to make a change. Take heart that you’re not alone and there are effective ways to tackle it. Here’s 20 professional women who’ve also found themselves in the midst of burnout—and developed successful strategies to find their way to the other side. Their experiences will give you inspiration and helpful tips to conquer burnout when it inevitably arises.

Nichole Pitts

Founder and CEO of Ethintegrity LLC, a boutique consulting firm focusing on a culture-based approach to diversity, equity, inclusion, and ethics and compliance. 

My experience: Like a lot of people, I ended up becoming used to working through burnout until I hit a wall where the brain fog forced me to take a step back. I ended up taking a month off to rest and recharge, which meant absolutely no work. I read books, sat by the pool, enjoyed family and friends, and did whatever I felt like for the day. This mental break allowed my brain to rest and I came back more creative and focused. I now block out a week each quarter and a month each summer as my “R&R time” to prevent total burnout in the future.

My advice: Listen to your body and don’t try to be a hero. Sometimes we often overstretch ourselves to show our value at the expense of our well-being. Give yourself some grace, be proactive with blocking out time off on your calendar, and take the time to recharge when you need it. Work will always be there.

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