Episode 106: Using Inclusive Design to Create a More Equitable Society with Sandra Camacho

Thank you for joining me for Episode 6 where I continue my conversation with my guest from episode 5 where we discuss how to use inclusive design to create a more equitable and inclusive society.

Inclusive design is an approach/mindset/practice that ensures everyone, regardless of their identity or background, can fully access and benefit from the products, services, or environments that are built.

In this episode, Sandra talks with us about:

  1. Understanding what inclusive design is
  2. The benefits to us as a society and personally
  3. Examples of barriers to access and how to make your product or service more inclusive
  4. The challenges that companies face when it comes to inclusive design & DEI

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Sandra Camacho bio:

Sandra Camacho (She/Her) is a multicultural Inclusive Design strategist, educator, and advisor based in Paris, France. She’s also the founder and lead of the Inclusive Design Jam, a global learning community committed to making the use and access of products, services, and environments equal to all. She started her career at Google, where she spent 8 years working in product, innovation, and learning & development in the U.S. and Europe. She left in 2018 to pursue her dreams of designing for social impact under the alias Sandra By Design. Today, she helps product and design teams around the world build thriving work cultures and socially impactful solutions with the power of inclusive design.

Websites: Sandra by Design and Inclusive Design Jam

Instagram: @Sandra.bydesign

Twitter:  @sandrabydesign

LinkedIn: Sandra Camacho

YouTube: Sandra by Design Channel