Episode 107: Key Lessons for Ethics & DEI in the Insurance Industry with Michael Blackshear

Thank you for joining me for Episode 7 where my guest and I discuss the world of ethics & compliance as well as diversity, equity & inclusion as it relates to the insurance industry.

My guest today is Michael Blackshear. In this episode, Michael talks with us about:

  1. His career journey from broker to Chief Compliance Officer
  2. DEI initiatives to create a pipeline into the insurance industry for youth of color at HBCUs and partnering with the Rise Foundation;
  3. Key DEI challenges in the insurance industry; and
  4. Key lessons learned for ethics & compliance in the insurance industry

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Michael Blackshear’s bio.
Michael serves as senior vice president, chief compliance and privacy officer for Ryan Specialty with responsibilities for maintaining and growing an effective compliance and regulatory risk framework. He recently assumed additional responsibilities in leading a newly created Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion function with the strategic mission to promote DEI at the firm, along with building strong alliances within the insurance industry and communities in which Ryan Specialty colleagues live and work.

Website: https://ryanspecialty.com
LinkedIn: Michael Blackshear