Episode 102: Slaying the Imposter Syndrome Dragon with Jessie Kate Bui

Season 1, Episode 2: Slaying the Imposter Syndrome Dragon with Jessie Kate Bui

In this episode, we continue with Part 2 of our conversation with Jessie Kate Bui. She helps us to figure out how to become the hero in our own stories  and shares tips on how we can:

  1.  Align with our true selves instead of an identity that may have been thrust upon us by someone else
  2. Go from powerless to powerful by identifying and reframing our narratives to remind ourselves that we are enough
  3. Use her Parallax Method & tools like Enneagram to
    • Identify the limiting beliefs that hold us back.
    • Figure out the aha moment where our perspective shifts, and  
    • Reframe that false narrative to empower us to create a healthier relationship with ourselves and others

About Jessie Kate Bui:
Jessie Kate Bui is a Storytelling Coach, Author of Talking Threads: costume design for entertainment art, and creator of The Parallax Method: a transformative storytelling approach.

As a designer, Jessie Kate discovered that story had the power to eliminate her imposter syndrome. And when she felt lost in life, she found her professional art and story tools could empower her therapy sessions and reveal a deep sense of purpose. Now she helps storytellers, entrepreneurs, and personal development advocates like her identify, fictionalize, and rewrite their personal narratives so they can become protagonists in their own lives.

From 1:1 intensives to courses and mentorships, Jessie Kate guides her clients to break down their limiting beliefs while equipping them with tools to create authentic brand stories, inspiring fictional stories, and elevated journaling approaches. Creating lasting change and unleashing their creativity so they can show up, speak up, and change the world.

Instagram: @jessiekatebui