Speaker: Nichole Pitts (Host)

Thank you for joining me for the finale of season 1 of the Ethintegrity Podcast. And y’all, I’ve learned so much about myself and so many topics. I’m not gonna lie, this podcast started off a little shaky with the sound and editing but I think it got better as we went along. At least I hope so! This has been such an amazing endeavor for me and I have to say, I’m proud of myself for doing this. The whole purpose of this podcast was to share some of the amazing conversations I was having privately to help others grow. But I ended up growing and learning as well.

I’ve loved hearing from listeners about how something that was shared by a guest resonated with them and was a catalyst for them to re-examine a thought, idea, or view they had held. The fact that people have even listened to the podcast episodes blows my mind. Thank you so very much for supporting me.

As I reflect on the 10 episodes, some key moments really stuck out.

  • First, my guest Jessie Kate Bui, a Storytelling Coach, really opened my mind by showing me how storytelling methods & power elements can either reinforce or challenge the stereotypes we see in film and tv – even down to costumes and the camera lens used. I loved her quote “Storytelling helps us change our minds and grow as people.”
  • Second, Branding Strategist Hilary Hartling shared an amazing brand formula based on her years of working as a VP of Marketing at Disney Films. She calls it the MAGIC formula and it breaks down the 5 elements you need to create a successful brand:
    • Make it Memorable
    • Ask your Audience
    • Great Storytelling
    • Inspiration & Innovation
    • Create synergy
  • Combining the insights from both Jessie Kate and Hilary prompted me to create a way to help organizations brand their departments to market to internal stakeholders so that employees would be more engaged and aware of policies and procedures. By combining storytelling, branding, ethics & DEI, you end up with an inclusive & engaging program that your workforce will connect with and seek out.
  • Third, my guest Inclusive Design Strategist Sandra Camacho shared a lot of great insight into how we should be more intentional about how we design services and products. She explained that inclusive design is “basically being able to bring some sort of imagined idea that we have to live, to be able to make that concrete, and to do that with certain  All of those design decisions that you imagine in your mind, become something concrete that we live and experience as people. And in that respect when we add inclusivity onto it, it’s all about thinking about whatever you’re designing, whether it’s a product, a service, an experience, an environment, or a physical space. How can we ensure that people across the full range of human diversity can fully access what you’re designing or building? And that they can fully benefit from it.
  • Fourth, my guest Michael Blackshear, SVP & CCO of Ryan Specialty, shared some key tips about ethics & DEI in the insurance industry. One thing that really stuck out for me is that he creates a vision board for what he wants his compliance and DEI departments to achieve and I thought that was such a great idea. He also shared this quote that I absolutely love “arising tide lifts all ships”.
  • And my guests MD of Warner Chappell Shani Gonzales & EVP of Impact & Inclusion at the Academy Jeanell English provided insight into how DEI and ethics impact the music and film industries. I loved hearing about the initiatives being implemented to provide access and equity to marginalized communities within the entertainment industry. Quotes from both
  • Finally, we rounded out the season with Leadership Coach Gina Unterhalter with her sharing tips on how to activate our inner power and the purpose and benefits of coaching. Both she and Jessie Kate talked about how to manage imposter syndrome and self-limiting beliefs which many of us struggle with. I especially loved the advice around setting & navigating empowered boundaries.

I want to say a huge thank you to my phenomenal guests this season who provided so many juicy nuggets to think about! If you haven’t had a chance to listen to all of the episodes, then what are you waiting for? I hope they bless you as much as they blessed me.

I’ll be taking a short hiatus to record season 2 which will premiere in the first quarter of 2023. In the meantime, you can reach out to me via my website Ethintegrity.com and check out some of my services like my transformative Conscious ChangeMaker Coaching Program and Ethintegrity by Design, my VIP retainer service. Thanks for listening and supporting this season. See you again in season 2!

End of episode.

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