Discovery Call

Are you thinking about working with me?
  • That’s exciting because I can help you transform your organizational culture with creative & innovative solutions, provide advice on handling specific situations, or coach you on developing solutions to ongoing issues.
  • I can’t wait to connect with you about my services.  This 20-minute call is designed for us to examine your exact need(s) and for you to get an idea of what it’s like to work with me. 
  • It’s also an opportunity to help you find out how my services can benefit your business and to determine if we are a good fit for each other. Does this sound good to you? If so, book your Discovery Call now!


One-Off Advisory Session

Do you have a burning question that you need help with?

  • Book a private 90-minute online session to “pick my brain” on all things diversity, equity & inclusion, and/or ethics & compliance.  You will leave our session with several ideas and actionable steps so you know what to do next!  It’s quick, easy, and it won’t break the bank!
  • In a nutshell, you will provide me with detail on 1 or 2 areas/issues you would like to help with when you book your session. During our 90-minute private online session, I will provide specific advice and strategy ideas to answer your questions. Within 24 hours, I will give you a recording of the session plus my observations, advice, and next steps to supplement the notes you took during our session.
  • Does this sound great or what? It’s perfect if you need to get answers to specific questions or need some overall direction. Book your session with me right away as I only offer a few sessions a week.

$750 / £550

1:1 Coaching

Are you struggling to determine the best way to create a measurable impact in your compliance and/or DEI program? Check out my transformative coaching program, where we will work together to discover and clarify your goals, uncover and articulate your current challenges, then develop a strategy to address them creatively and effectively. The following are included in each 1:1 coaching package:

  • Weekly 1:1 private 60-minute advisory sessions via Zoom
  • A recorded copy of each of our sessions
  • A customized digital workbook so you can access everything we’re working on
  • Weekly assignments that can include video training modules, worksheets and research
  • Powerful done-for-you-templates, online resources and cheat sheets so you don’t waste time
  • Mid-week accountability check-ins
  • Exclusive access to my private resource library for content and tools to help innovate your program
  • Unlimited online support, advice, and accountability during business hours during the term
  • Packages are available for: 6 sessions; 12 sessions; or customizable

Packages starting from $4,500 / £3,500 +

Communication Plan

Are you trying to figure out how to effectively communicate important information to your workforce in a meaningful way? 

  • Try our Communication Plans which help you identify audiences, messages, channels, activities, and material to bring awareness to key concepts throughout the year!
  • We will have 1×1 calls to discuss the risk profile and agree upon topics for an effective Communication Plan
  • Development of a 12 to 18-month customized Communication Plan template
  • Develop content ideas for ethics & compliance and/or DEI campaigns (major and lite)
  • Assist in discussions with key stakeholders to get buy-in
  • Assist with the development of internal infrastructure to execute the plan over the 12 to 18-month timeframe
  • Assist in the identification of the best way to measure results on the effectiveness of each ethics/diversity campaign

$5,500 / £3,000 +

Training & Workshops

Are you looking for a dynamic workshop to spur engagement & understanding? Our facilitated training focuses on creative ways to bring awareness to critical concepts while keeping your workforce asking for more!

  • Development of a customized workshop (in-person or virtual) based on role/department; executive/senior leadership; board of directors; or general workforce to cultivate and implement a diverse & inclusive culture of ethical business practices
  • Each unique session will utilize innovative & creative methods and tools to prompt the audience’s engagement and increase retention
  • Session topics can include: Solving Ethical Dilemmas; Best Practices in Ethics & Compliance; Complex Problem-Solving; Unconscious Bias; Diversity, Inclusion & Allyship; How to Respond to Microaggressions; Team Building; Conflict Management, etc.


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