1:1 Coaching

Ethical Entanglements and Diversity Dilemmas Deconstructed

Your personalized coaching program to become a Conscious ChangeMaker who creates thoughtful & intentional culture change in the workplace.

Feeling paralyzed when it comes to ethics and/or DEI for fear of saying the wrong thing and being canceled?

You want to do business ethically (while also increasing profits) and ensure that you have a diverse workforce but may be struggling to figure out the proper steps to take to make a meaningful & long-lasting change. You are willing to do the work but may be overwhelmed by:
    1.   The constantly changing landscape of what is politically correct
    2.   Understanding the terminology that people use to self-identify and the constant change in laws & policies
    3.   Navigating performative allyship & hypervisibility of trending social issues
    4.   Helping yourself and others understand how DEI & ethics relate to you and your role at the company
    5.   Creating long-lasting change where perceived progress does not lead to regression
In general, you feel like you’re walking a tightrope and want to avoid difficult conversations for fear of saying/doing the wrong thing. Or, you may be struggling to understand the value of DEI & ethics to your organization and workforce.

In this Conscious ChangeMaker Coaching Program, you’ll go from feeling overwhelmed or hypersensitive of saying or doing the wrong thing to being more aware and knowledgeable, giving you increased confidence and tools to follow through and make good on vocal commitments in an effective & engaging manner.


  • Developing a clear and actionable foundation for culture change and sharing it in a concise, cohesive way that resonates throughout the organization
  • Understanding how to implement your DEI or Ethics & Compliance strategy to address and mitigate the identified risks and blind spots effectively
  • Creating innovative & creative messaging that translates across the entire organization to spark conversation and culture improvement
brainstorming ideas for communication concepts



The Conscious ChangeMaker Coaching Program

Our transformative coaching program guides executives & professionals toward their highest potential with transparent and authentic conversations, goal setting, and accountability regarding DEI and Ethics & Compliance.
(Limited spots available)


Listening to you is how I help you identify the blind spots & risks that affect you and your business. We’ll shape your foundation and strategy to ensure measurable progress.



  • SWOT Analysis and discussion of perceived risks / blind spots
  • Current mindset & fears / anxiety
  • Discussion of “current state” and where you or the organization sit on the appropriate maturity model
  • Reframe risks & bias into opportunities for impactful change



  • Vision casting for personal and business goals
  • Mini training(s) on identified risks and blind spots with suggestions on how to manage
  • Challenge thinking and assumptions
  • Clarify milestones and measurement of success



  • Develop an action plan to address blind spots and risks
  • Create an implementation schedule
  • Enhance performance by helping you build high-performing & diverse teams and craft strategies that best engage to deliver sustainable change and business results
  • Increase personal effectiveness by helping you develop communication and interpersonal skills to be more impactful and thoughtful with others in the workforce



  • Assist executives and individuals in shaping a change vision and setting DEI and/or Ethics & Compliance targets tied to business outcomes and KPIs
  • Create a consistent mindset change to shift behavior from unconscious reactions to thoughtful & intentional action, which helps to shape culture and become a model for change
  • Drive meaningful & measurable results
Photo of Nichole sat at a desk


  • A safe space to make mistakes, ask difficult questions, and hone your leadership capabilities
  • The ability to foster personal growth around vulnerability and authenticity
  • Assistance in building cultural competency and intentional allyship
  • Feeling empowered to develop innovative tools to drive awareness and create a sustainable cultural transformation
  • Positioned to execute DEI or Ethics & Compliance programs effectively with a plan to show measurable impact
  • Exclusive access to my private resource library for content and tools (i.e., a customized digital workbook to access everything we are working on together, SWOT Analysis, checklists, masterclasses, etc.) to help innovate your program
  • A Conscious ChangeMaker Coaching Summary completed by Nichole and delivered to you after completion of the program, which recaps what we worked on and the next steps

"I had the pleasure of working with Nichole Pitts for over two (2) years as her client, in which she provided compliance advisory services for my organization in the areas of policy development, training, internal communication, and served as my trusted advisor to support me in my role as the senior compliance officer for a wholesale insurance brokerage, with operations in North America, United Kingdom, and Europe. I have been in the ethics, risk management, and compliance arena for over thirty (30) years and have come to appreciate that it takes a certain temperament and skill to effectively serve as a compliance practitioner. Based on my observations these last two years, Nichole possesses such skills, temperament, and diplomacy to know when to challenge my assumptions, but always assisting with the goal of embedding and operationalizing an effective compliance structure and culture. Not only would I highly recommend Nichole to others looking for a sound and creative ethics and compliance professional, but it is also my hope to work with her on future projects."

Michael BlackshearSVP & Chief Compliance Officer - Ryan Specialty Group

"Nichole is everything I appreciate in a professional: strong work ethic, vision, excellent knowledge and practice experience, but never forgetting about coaching and guiding the people around her. I learned so much from her and I honestly hope I get to work with her again in the future."

Cristina BabaianuSr. Analyst, Duo Security - Cisco

"Nichole is an outstanding professional who is a pleasure to work with, I had the privilege of working with her for almost 30 months and she was a great support, motivator and guide...she is an expert at whatever she jumps into and doesn't rest until she makes it an excellent finish..."

Omkar Singh D, CFE, CCEP-ILead, Business Compliance - Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

"During my tenure with Louis Berger, I worked closely with Nichole in the Compliance and Ethics department. She is a good mentor and I got to learn alot from her. She is patient, a good listener and a good advisor. She has excellent knowledge of the work she does. If given the opportunity, I would definitely want to work with her once again."

Rachel FernandesLegal Executive Assistant - Amazon (Dubai)

"Without a doubt, Nichole has been the single most influential mentor in my career. She is a true leader and working alongside her has been a true privilege. Nichole invests her time and skills selflessly to enable others to grow professionally and succeed. She is capable and experienced in leading a positive change by being a trusted advisor. Nichole takes a practical and innovative approach in dealing with compliance issues and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to all seeking sound compliance solutions for their businesses."

Milos Stopic, CFE, CCEP-IGlobal Business Director, Ethics & Compliance Program - CEVA Logistics

"I have always enjoyed my collaboration with Nichole in her capacity as an industry leader where she takes thoughtful and strategic approaches to addressing the very latest challenges in ethics and compliance. And she does so with a global mindset and awareness of how multinationals and industry-specific organizations need to improve upon their programs. Nichole is always willing to listen, learn, and collaborate with a diverse community of corporate peers, as well as eager to her bestow her working knowledge and practices she has developed over an impressive career. Specifically at our Ethisphere events, both in the US and the UK, Nichole has been willing to speak candidly about her innovative approaches to training & communication and third party risk management while also lending her insights on pathways to better ethical culture. Nichole has demonstrated exceptional leadership with her vision consistently focused on improving business integrity and seeking continuous changes to make it possible."

Kevin McCormackExecutive Vice President and Executive Director, Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA) - Ethisphere

"Throughout the period that I had the opportunity to work with Nichole, I learnt a lot - both about the industry we were in, about the true role of compliance and ethics in business, and also about the importance of supporting others in the workplace; whether they are a colleague in your team or an employee of yours that could benefit from your mentor-ship. Nichole spent a lot of her time helping me work out how to navigate the intricacies of an international business, as well as how I could continue to develop and achieve my career goals. I truly value her advice and guidance. Nichole inspires me to always work hard, remain focused and to never lose drive - ideals that Nichole practices in everyday life. It was truly a pleasure, and privilege, to work with you, Nichole!"

Emma HydeTrainee Solicitor, WSP

"Poise, precision, intellect, grace under pressure, truly the right person for the job - Nichole is all of these things. Her expertise in Ethics and Compliance and public oratory is a force. What ever your business needs are, she will be able to provide the solutions or point you in the right direction. Sheer excellence is the hallmark of her talent, skill sets, and work ethic. The right person, the right time - any time you call on Nichole to provide professional solutions."

Franklin Breckenridge, Jr.Global Legal/Management/Procurement Commercial & Residential Real Estate Professional

Gain the awareness, create the strategy & empower yourself and your organization.

You no longer have to feel unclear and anxious. If you’re confused, so is your organization. Let’s work together to develop awareness & empower you so you can move forward with confidence!
(Limited spots available)


Are you ready to take a leadership role in your organization to engage in courageous conversations and discover how to take your skills and program to the next level? If so, Conscious ChangeMaker Coaching is for you! In addition to what is mentioned above, you also get:

Coaching Packages



Number of Sessions

Private 60-minute 1:1 meetings (recorded for you)

Initial mini risk assessment / SWOT analysis

Additional mini risk assessment at the end of the program

Additional in-depth risk assessment / SWOT analysis at the end of the program

 Mini 1:1 Training(s)

Limited access to two (2) Masterclasses

Unlimited access to the Conscious ChangeMaker Academy (valued at $1997)

Unlimited online support & accountability check-ins

Customized strategy & implementation plan with key milestones

Additional 12 sessions for bespoke advising & mentoring

Detailed Conscious ChangeMaker Coaching Summary Report



one time payment

Identifying risks & blind spots and creating a foundation for change.




one time payment


Get started with your down payment of $3,000 today, and then 2 subsequent payments of $2,000

Building on the momentum from the Foundation to developing & implementing an effective strategy for long-lasting culture change.




one time payment


Get started with your down payment of $4,000 today, and then 5 monthly payments of $2,000

Perfect for continuing to build on the transformative practices developed in Strategy to address opportunities in real-time as the action plan is implemented. 


Are you ready to start being a Conscious ChangeMaker?

Let’s do this!



Step 01:

Click the APPLY NOW button on this page.

Step 02:

Choose which coaching track you prefer: Foundation, Strategy, or Status;
then follow the prompts to complete the application form.

Step 03:

Receive your invoice, welcome guide, and coaching schedule link to add your preferred dates to the coaching calendar immediately.
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(Limited spots available)

I look forward to helping you become more conscious of the culture change you are about to embark on!



I will review your application and then schedule a call for us to discuss your goals and expectations. If we are a good fit to work together, I’ll send you an email with links to your Coaching Contract and invoice. Once the contract is executed and the invoice paid, you’ll receive an email with a link to your Client Portal, which will include all of the key items you’ll need for our time together (i.e., Welcome Guide, workbook, executed Coaching Contract, checklist, tools, etc.) as well as a link to schedule your coaching sessions.


The Conscious ChangeMaker Coaching program focuses on the individual to empower you to become more intentional and aware of how to create a sustainable and effective culture change in your organization. The ultimate goal is to develop the personal skills to “do it yourself (DIY).”
In contrast, Ethintegrity by Design is a service designed to focus on the organization. This subscription-based retainer allows you to access Nichole’s brain for a certain number of hours each month. Think of it as having her as a part-time member of your team! Services can include: advising on your program, designing and creating content for you (policies, toolkit, FAQs, board presentations), conducting workshops & training, and providing real-time coaching and feedback. It’s like a “build your own adventure”! Please note that a minimum number of months (i.e., 3 months) and hours (i.e., 10 hours/month) is required to subscribe to this retainer service.


A go at your own pace, step by step online course ad community where Nichole Pitts teaches forward-thinking leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs how to become more conscious of creating effective change in their organizational culture by understanding and becoming aware of how diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) and ethics impact and empower our business, society, and lives.


Not a problem! If you have purchased a package and decide to upgrade either during or after the coaching program, I will deduct the amount paid for the previous package from the new package. So, if you paid $3500 for the Foundation package and decide you want the Status package (valued at $7000), I’ll invoice you $3500 for the Status package upgrade.


This program is NOT for someone who isn’t committed to being open-minded, challenging both themselves and their beliefs, or unwilling to do the work to understand that DEI and Ethics & Compliance issues are not black and white — you have to embrace getting comfortable in the grey areas. We will be exercising certain brain muscles during our time together to allow you to consider various perspectives based on unfamiliar cultures and concepts. I want to guide you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. If this is something you think you’d prefer not to do, then this is not the coaching program for you.


It’s super easy. Just click the APPLY NOW button above and get ready for more intentionality, clarity around DEI and/or Ethics & Compliance, and tools to help you communicate about sensitive topics in an effective & thoughtful manner!


YES! Regardless of business type or industry, every organization needs leaders & professionals committed to genuinely understanding DEI and Ethics & Compliance, which allows them to act with more intentionality and awareness while creating an ethical & inclusive workplace. And that is what I’m helping you develop step by step.